This is my best year ever with Oscar predictions. I got 22 out of 24 correct this year, giving me a 91% success rate. Not to knock my skills, this was an incredibly easy year. Gravity, which is most certainly a technical achievement, destroyed most of the technical categories.

My incorrect predictions came down solely to the short film categories, which are notoriously difficult to predict due to the lack of information and since most of the films are not easily watchable.

Not only was this an easy year to predict, it was incredibly boring to watch. There were no real surprises, and Ellen DeGeneres, who I was looking forward to, was a safe choice in terms of offending people, and she was unreasonably safe. The broadcast also went 3 hours and 30 minutes, far too long for anything. Although, it was nice that the producers did not cut off the Winner’s speeches, but those speeches were not what made the broadcast long and boring, it was the endless montages, and unnecessary banter between Ellen and the first several rows of celebrities.

Boring, predictable, safe, long. That not only wraps up the 85th Academy Awards, it almost wraps up 2013 in general. 

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